"What to Expect."

Arrival:  "New Hope Lutheran Church is a small congregation with a fairly standard, traditional worship service, using piano, and sometimes organ or other instruments.  We see ourselves as an extended, caring family of believers.  When you arrive, you will find lots of parking.
There is handicapped access to the church through either the front door, or via a ramp on the right side of the church.  The main door is in the middle of the building.  As you enter, turn right for the restrooms (down the hall) and right again for the sanctuary where we worship. The front hall has forms you may fill out with your information if you wish the pastor to contact you.

On Sundays, you will be greeted by one of our greeters and handed a bulletin, Bible readings insert and hymnbook.  Everything you need for worship is included in these.  Although you will be greeted, we won't ask you to stand up and introduce yourself at worship, since some visitors find this embarrassing.  We do not have a meet and greet time, although later in the service there is a chance to stand up and share God's peace with those around you (this is a Lutheran practice which originates in the Bible).  If you prefer to stay seated at this time, or any time in the service, feel free.

Dress: There is no dress code at New Hope, since we believe that respect for God is more of an inner attitude rather than outward dress.
You may wear whatever you find comfortable. The pastor wears a robe for leading worship.

Children:  New Hope welcomes children to worship.  Although we have no nursery attendant at this time, we do have a nursery room, with toys, books and crayons for children.  This room is the first one on your right as you turn left from the front door.  Please feel free to take your children here to play if they become restless during the service.

Offering: When the offering plate is passed, please do not feel pressured to give if you are a visitor.  Our visitors are guests and unlike members, are not expected to contribute.

Communion: All are welcome to participate in Communion, which we share every Sunday.  If you prefer, you can stay in your seat, or come up with arms crossed on your chest for a blessing.  For Communion, take the wafer from the pastor and dip it in either the wine (ceramic cup) or juice (clear glass)."

Coffee Hour:  Please join us for Coffee Fellowship after the service.  We have caffeinated and decaf coffee, tea and snack food available.